Our Ingredients

these are our key ingredients, and customized with a blend of essential oils creating a unique scent.

Baobab Oil || Latin Name: Adansonia Digitata || Cold Pressed 30% Volume

Engourages regeneration of skin cells without clogging pores. Calms irritated, and damaged skin. It also strengthens and moisturizes dry and damaged hair.
Rich in Vitamin A, E, F and Omega 3,6,9

Apricot Oil || Latin Name: Prunus Armeniaca || Cold Pressed 30% Volume

Absorbs easily into skin, it is recommended for dry, sensitive and inflamed skin with intense healing properties. Also equally as nurturing to your hair by locking in moisture and providing UV protection

Hemp Seed Oil || Latin Name: Cannibis Sativa|| Cold Pressed, Extra Virign 30% Volume

Hemp fights skin inflammations and is rejuvenating and mositurizing. Exceptionally high in Omega fatty acids and proteins that increase elasticity, managebility and shine

Castor Oil || Latin Name: Ricinus Communis || Cold Pressed 10% Volume
Castor oil contains Vitamin E, Minerals, proteins, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.
It helps condition hair by helping the hair shaft retian moisture, reduces split ends.
regular use may encourage thicker Hair growth, works great as an emulsifier
to hold all the other oils together

Essential Oils ||

Rosemary or Black pepper: Dependant on the scent either of these essential oils is used in the blends as a stimulant to the hair follicle
and promotes hair growth

Custom Blends: All of our blends are created using plant based essential oils, that means ZERO artificial perfumes and ZERO Alcohol drying properties.
Each essential oil has its own unique value to add to the blend, all having benefits for skin ans hair, and add uplifting mood change

100% VEGAN PRODUCT Animal Friendly, Human Tested.
For Best results use Everyday.