About Us

Raised in the Rocky Mountains we know what a harsh climate can do to you

Our founder, certified in horticulture and a passion for plant based, and organic healing has created a unique blend of plant based oils to help heal and nurture your skin and hair

Tried tested and true, on our very own friends we want to bring you the best quality product we can source

Our oils are created in small batches, hand poured for the care and craft of each bottle

Our scents are created only using cold pressed organic essential oils derived from plants and flowers, so there is no strong perfume odor or drying alcohol in any of our blends

100% natural, no additives, no preservatives, no harsh chemicals. Plant only product

▼No dyes
▼No artificial fragrances or perfumes
▼No starches, emulsifiers or fillers
▼No alcohols or solvents
▼No surfactants
▼No preservatives (Our products are anhydrous. No water = no bacteria therefore eliminating the need for preservatives)
▼No parabens
▼No sulphates

At Fox & Hare we love our animals and our future. We strive to support our environment and protect our wildlife.

Animal Friendly, Human tested

Portion of each purchase to be donated to local wildlife foundation.

Made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada